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P-Mate FAQs

August 8th, 2011 Filed under: P-Mate Travelling by admin

Can I flush the P-Mate?
No. The P-Mate should be thrown into the trash at your earliest convenience. If there is no trash available, such as in a mountain setting, you can pop it into a zip lock bag and carry it to the nearest receptacle.

Can I use the P-Mate while wearing any type of clothing?
Yes! Skirts and shorts only require you to pull one leg of your underwear and/or shorts to the side. You can easily use the P-Mate with pants as well. Just open the front of your pants, loosen them a little, and move your underwear to one side. As long as there is enough space to place the P-Mate it will work.

Is it necessary to use toilet paper with the P-Mate?
It depends on you. You can remove any drops that are left behind by slowly moving the P-Mate to the front and catching them with the back of the P-mate. We have been thinking of enclosing tissues or making an absorbing layer at the backside of the P-Mate, but to keep the price as low as possible we decided not to do this as of yet. Additionally, the P-Mate is mostly used in “emergency” situations, and most women will keep a tissue handy for those times.

Sometimes I only want to take 1 or 2 P-Mates with me. What is the best way to carry them?
For this occasion the P-Mate has a fold line down the middle, which allows it to fit into an average pocket. We suggest putting it into a zip lock bag for easy transport and disposal.

Does the P-Mate get wet and soggy after use?
The P-Mate does NOT get all wet and soggy after use. You can easily slip it back into a bag for later disposal if you are outdoors and there is no garbage can.

Is there a P-Mate available which is re-usable?
At this time there is not a reusable P-Mate available. We have found that the demand for this is very low. Most women would consider this to be unhygienic.

P-MATES Make the Perfect Gift - BUY NOW

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The P-Mate from

August 8th, 2011 Filed under: How To's by admin

The P-Mate is a portable urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up wherever and whenever they need to, without losing their dignity or risking unhygienic and unpleasant public restrooms. The P-Mate can be used during any activity where restroom facilities are less than desirable, or not available at all.

Have you ever found yourself in a dirty, unhygienic, port-a-potty?

Have you ever had a full bladder with no bathroom in sight?

Have you ever been afraid to pull down your pants to squat and pee and risk being seen?

Yes? Then the P-Mate is for you!

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Popinjay Meets The P Mate

April 29th, 2008 Filed under: Random Thoughts by sally

In one of the best comparisions we’ve made ever since Elvis and Yogi Bear, we compare the archery related sport Popinjay with the P Mate.

Let’s go phase by phase and start out with the metrics:


  • Popinjay is a shooting sport which involves rifles and archery equipment.
  • The P Mate is a female urinating device which lets women Pee Standing Up.


  • In Popinjay, all you have to do is pick up a shooting or archery equipment and give it a whirl and try to shoot one of the wooden targets.
  • With the P Mate, you have to wear the device - aim properly and shoot at the potty hole. Got the target? Bingo!


  • A Popinjay festival is held every year in May.
  • No festival or event yet for the P Mate.

Historically Speaking:

  • Popinjay dates back to the 15th century and has its origins in Scotland.
  • The P Mate isn’t old enough to have a history of sorts :P

So, there we go..


When can you use P-Mate? 10 situations

April 27th, 2008 Filed under: Uncategorized by sally
  1. When you are traveling and there are no washrooms around.
  2. When you are at picnic and you can’t find a washroom.
  3. When you just wanna have fun.
  4. When you want to surprise your partner.
  5. When you are at the airport and the washrooms for women are full.
  6. If you have any knee problems and you can’t bend them.
  7. When you are at an unhygienic place and you don’t want the risk of having contact with the place.
  8. If there are no tissues around.
  9. While your toilet seat is broken.
  10. When you are enjoying the beach at Malibu and there are no shacks around.

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How to use an Indian Toilet

March 25th, 2008 Filed under: How To's by sally

Indian toilet’s can be hard to use especially for someone who isn’t familiar or acquainted to it.

So, here’s how you do it:

1. Lower yourself into a sitting position above the hole in the toilet

2. Sing a song or a tune and enjoy as you let it go!

3. Once your done, point the health faucet towards your bottom and press to release the water.

4. If a health faucet is not available, fill the bucket with water and pour a few mugs of water over your bottom till its clean.

5. It’s generally more hygenic to use running water rather than toilet paper.

6. In case your using toilet paper, make sure you dispose the used toilet paper into the dustbin and not into the toilet hole.

7. Fill the bucket with water and drain it into the hole so that all trace of the excreta gets drained!

That’s all there is to it!

Easy isn’t it?

Now, you can reduce all the hassles if your a female, by just using the P Mate which lets you Pee Standing Up like a guy!

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Japanese Toilet Caption Contest

March 22nd, 2008 Filed under: Caption Contests by sally

So, here we go again with another caption contest.

See the picture below..

And yes, what your seeing is a real ancient Japanese Toilet.

All you have to do in order to take part in the caption contest is just to comment on this post with your caption.

So what are you waiting for?

Get those comments rolling with your funny, awkward or totally cool comments.

This Caption Contest is brought to you by:


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Weird Public Restroom Signs and Symbols

March 20th, 2008 Filed under: Random Thoughts by sally

You’ve probably been to a couple of restroom’s - The first thing you see in a restroom which takes your attention are the signs.

Some restrooms are world famous just because of the weird signs and symbols they have in them!

Here are a few weird restroom signs:

  • Sci Fi Female Restroom Sign

This is probably one of those restroom symbol’s borrowed from startek or Gattaca - It really makes a lot of sense!

Sometimes, this makes me wonder whether its one of the moder art collections of Pablo Piccaso.

  • Uni Race Restroom Sign

Unity of all Races seems to have been the idea behind this restroom sign!

Nelson Mandela would be proud of this! *tear drop*

  • Super Funny Restroom Sign

That’s one super cool restroom sign - Ever heard of the fountain of youth? - See that in action here!

  • Do Not Squat on the Toilet Seat

The person who installed that sign board must have really been a genius - to have used the toilet without squatting!

That pretty much wraps up this edition of funny restroom signs.

But hey, wait!

You’ve been to a couple of public restrooms and you obviously know how hard it is to use these places unless your a guy.

So, that’s why we’ve created the P Mate so that you can Pee in freedom - just like a guy.

Pee Standing Up with the P Mate!



Adventure Tourism With The P Mate

March 19th, 2008 Filed under: P-Mate Travelling by sally

Are you an Adventure Tourism freak?

So am I - Adventure tourism sure is enjoyable but it can get nasty at times!

Especially when your out in the wilderness or are exploring remote,exotic and hostile landscapes.

Adventure tourism has become a great recreation for adventure,tourism and nature enthusiasts and is on its way to becoming a revolutionary new way of seeing new places and experiencing new environs.

When you are out there exploring new places, you may have come through diverse experiences while trying to get to a loo:

Like This…

Or This…

Imagine having a need to attend nature’s call in a place like the Australian outback!

Don’t you wish that you we’re really a guy so that you could actually Pee Standing Up in these kinda situations?

Why, you too can do that now!

With our amazing new product which lets you pee standing up like a guy!

Enjoy the benefits of owning a P Mate Today!


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How to Use a Chinese Toilet [Pic]

February 4th, 2008 Filed under: How To's, P-Mate Travelling by admin

I have to admit… I was a little puzzled myself when I saw my first Chinese public toilet. The first thing that went through my mind was: “Are those ridged areas for my knees or my feet on each side?!”

If you’ve never seen one yourself, here’s a great example sent in by one of our customers:

Chinese Public Toilet

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Chinese Public Bathroom

  1. Preparation
    Make sure you have tissues, sanitizer, and especially your P-Mate out of your bags. Post up your bags on the hooks, and if there are none provided make sure you have your bags securely fastened (duct tape?) so they don’t fall or swing out while you are relieving yourself.
  2. Assume the Position
    As I soon learned, the ridges on either side of the bowl are for your feet (not your knees). Here’s the trick: unfasten your pants/shorts and lower both your trousers and your underwear at the same time. You’ll have to push them just past your knees, to that spot that allows them to sit fixed in that position. At this point, your fanny will be hanging in the wind so-to-speak, and you should be in a squatting position.

    If you have a P-Mate, you can skip this step, because you will you will be able to pee standing up normally.

  3. Re-Alignment
    Before you let it go, you’ll need to make sure that you are as low as possible and that your pants (especially if they are baggy) are tucked up and in a position away from possible splash-back.

    If you have a P-Mate, you can skip this step, because you will you will be able to pee standing up normally.

  4. Let it GO!
    Hopefully this process will take longer than reading these instructions, because at this point your legs are going to start to get sore. If there is a wall or a door, use that to support yourself.

    If you have a P-Mate, this step will be easy, as you won’t be hovering over the bowl and feeling your legs shake with strain!

  5. Clean Up
    If there is a basket next to the bowl, like the one in the picture above, your tissues should go in there. If there isn’t a basket, then you simply dispose of the tissues down the bowl itself.

During your travels, pee standing up with the P-Mate.


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Caption Contest: Worst Restroom Pics (Part 1)

January 26th, 2008 Filed under: Caption Contests by admin

Welcome to’s caption contest!

Simply send us your caption entry in the comment form below…

Worst Restroom - Caption Contest

…and for those that are wondering: Yes, this is a real bathroom in a real establishment — and it’s not from a 3rd world country.

This Caption Contest has made possible by the P-Mate


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