In the immortal words of James Brown:

“This is a man’s world But it would be nothing without a woman or a girl”~ 1966 Though the depth or meaning of his lyrics may not have included the idea of women standing to pee, I venture to guess that at some point in his life he gave it some thought. Ironic given his history…

Historically, Women were taught the social mores of control…

…while men were afforded the ability to relieve themselves in a pee pot. Even today, if you notice in “developed” countries the men’s toilet is always the closest. One might ask, is that because they have less control in a real physiological way, are they stupid and get lost easily, or are they more deserving? I would venture to guess that it is more sort of a tradition carry-over that few people question.

Publicly peeing standing up is a natural expectation for men…

…women on the other hand must seek more shelter in order to be acceptable. Since BC 2500 we as a species have had toilets, but not until the early 1700’s in Europe was consideration for both Peeing sexes established. For the first time the designation of men’s & women’s separate toilets appeared in Paris.

Women who pee standing up will revolutionize all former social virtues.

Not only does the p-mate offer ultimate freedom, it begs to question our norms as a culture. For images of the soon to be past:

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